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It's a totally programmable LED time and timer to ensure that accuracy cooking is not difficult and you will take action else whilst it cooks. Cleansing can be a wind With effortless- this Electric Oven from Belling, clear enamel inside will require attention of the cleanup with a wash that is straightforward to completely clean up these leaks from preparing up a delightful banquet undoubtedly made. Remaining or select Energy Saving Trust encouraged the BI60SO Electric Oven because of its A energyefficiency standing plus it delivers ease and extraordinary type of use. It comes with...

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Electrical DiscountBelling BI60SOSSIn Stock£279.89--£279.89Visit
CurrysBELLING BI60SO Electric Oven - Stainless Steel, Stainless SteelIn Stock£299.00--£299.00Visit